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Choose High Performance OFFICE Team Building Facilitators for BEST Results.

Choose…REAL Team Building sessions over some silly group games

 Many people contact us asking for staff teambuilding Ideas or executive leadership development activities in joburg, when what they think they want is some kind of simple group entertainment.

What they really NEED is the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System to do REAL workplace team spirit, trust building process for People, Teams, Leadership and Culture optimisation.

By going on group entertainment events or activities  like foosball, 4×4, cooking, movie-making, war games etc, it may be fun and entertaining… BUT on Monday when you are back at your office, all the same old STUFF exists and remains. Nothing changes sustainably!!

Shift Office politics, build Trust, turbo-charge Teamwork and clear organisational culture.

Create a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE with Appreciative Inquiry High Performance Team Building pricess, events, session, retreats and workshops.

The same old office politics, low moral, bad attitudes, no communication, low trust, diversity issues same relationships are all still there. Group entertainment never built a real sustainable teamwork environment…

It’s like putting a plaster on a serious wound. You may be able to cover up the real issues for a while, but beneath the surface – all is not well. the workplace culture is not well.

Appreciative Inquiry Activities improves Workplace Culture

In true team dynamics development the real secret to authentic, sustainable results is to ensure that you understand the contexts where the people interact and their inter- and intra-relationships around that context. Your workplace environment can have up to a 55% impact on your results.

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Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry.

Once you understand your individual and team context, then you are able to begin to design a process to shift the following important areas.
• Trust
• Energy
• Credibility
• Role Clarity
• Competence
• Communication
• Capability
• Reliability
• Relationship
• Respect
• Response-ability
• Understanding
• Positive Intentions

Resilience Building

Life Masters team development tools improve resilience, cohesion and working together, through experiential action-learning, trust building and head, heart & soul based teamwork. Each team building idea and activity is designed for developing high performance teams. Our coaches and Appreciative Inquiry facilitators can deliver activities at training conferences, group entertainment and general teamwork events.

We deliver REAL corporate teambuilding workshop events in Gauteng with specific activities designed to increase REAL results. We deliver the best ROI you can achieve.

In reality, many people know what to do, they just don’t do what they know on a regular basis. And the reason for that is that they don’t feel like it!  It’s all about the HEART.

Many times we need to be catalysts of change through “cage-rattling”, “button-pushing”, “wake-you-up-to-the-reality” encounters …, with love and care.

We deliver effective corporate REAL TEAM BUILDING activities with real HEART!

Because a change of heart, changes everything. for YOU…the individual and the team

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