Teams that can Safetly play together – Can usually Stay together

Fun Team Building Events in Gauteng

Re energise, reconnect re build your office team spirit?  You win when you choose our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Happy, Healthy,  corporate Team Building events in Gauteng JHB, Sandton and Pretoris. Our Expert  facilitators, are inspiring SPEAKERS, Team Dynamics experts and professional Presenters, with Many years of experience

fun staff team-building games and leadership development activities in Joburg

 REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance System. It fosters genuine workplace team spirit, trust, and culture optimization. Unlike simple group games and entertainment, our approach delivers lasting change.

group entertainment might be enjoyable, but it won’t transform your office dynamics sustainably

Office politics, low morale, poor communication, and unresolved conflicts persist. If you want to shift office politics, build trust, supercharge teamwork, and clarify organizational culture, consider our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance Team Building events and coaching workshops

Traditional group entertainment creates a safer teamworking environment

After a full year of PUSH!! PUSH! its time for some team building PLAY, PLAY have some Team fun!

About Us

The Foundations of  a happy Healthy, High Performance Team, are critical for wellness, well-being, and winning together.

Safe Space
Positive Intentions

Our Fun High-Performance Teams Packages are 100% Customised

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance Teams offer development tools that improve resilience, cohesion, and teamwork.

Through experiential action-learning, trust-building, and a focus on heart and soul, we empower high-performance teams. Our coaches and Appreciative Inquiry facilitators deliver activities at training conferences, group events, and teamwork sessions.

We provide REAL corporate team-building workshop events in Gauteng with activities designed to deliver real, tangible results. Our approach ensures you get the best return on investment.

In reality, most people know what to do but struggle to put their knowledge into practice consistently. The key to change is often a change of heart. We serve as catalysts for transformation through thoughtful encounters that awaken individuals and teams to reality, all with love and care.


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Experience the power of corporate REAL TEAM BUILDING activities with genuine heart

A change of heart changes everything for you, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Request a Team Building Facilitation Proposal today and unlock the potential of your team with REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

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