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South Africa – Johannesburg: Tony Dovale of Life Masters launches his latest service…TeamShift – “REAL & HARD Teams” – Appreciative Inquiry company Team-Building workshops with Happiness at work and Resilience. Appreciative Inquiry team building process

The new Happy Appreciative Resilient Decisive (HARD) Team/Tribe building process and relationship improvement initiative that transforms teams/Tribe happiness levels, builds greater trust, enhances staff satisfaction and productivity, elevates Mental Model Languaging/ Perception mindsets on a long-term basis.

“Most corporate training and motivational-style teambuilding workshops are a waste of time and money if you are looking for value and long-term results”, says Tony Dovale – Chief CultureShift Coach at Life Masters. “Typically less than 10% of what people learn in a training workshop is used back in the workplace!”

In order to resolve this dilemma, says Dovale, based upon our past staff development intervention experiences and extensive happiness and team working research, we have launched an innovative HARD (Happy Appreciative Resilient & Decisive) team building intervention and staff development process. This experiential Learning impacts people on a head, heart and Soul level. Called – “REAL HARD Teams”, this is the first phase in a 5 phase true team/TRIBE Building journey.

Results reveal that the “REAL HARD Teams” appreciative and happiness level development process has long-term efficacy for both company and staff. Where normal entertainment-style team-events impact may last 1 to 2 months, the “REAL HARD Teams” Appreciative transformation method has efficacy greater than 2 years, with life-changing consequences for individuals and life-giving for the organisation.

The “REAL HARD Teams” adventure incorporates a leading-edge approach with the understanding that all results are driven by core FEELINGS and positivity of the spirit of the human element, and incorporates:

  • AQ/Resilience and Team fitness profiling
  • Happiness at Work Assessments
  • Tribal Leadership philosophies
  • Appreciative Enquiry process foundation
  • Hawkins Consciousness levels
  • Emotionetics Innergetic Releasing Technologies
  • REAL Teams Building
  • Resilience/ Adversity Intelligence
  • Lindwall Releasing Technologies
  • ADKAR Change Management

…as the teamwork foundation for building better teams, increasing psychological assets and developing powerfully resilient and passionate people.

Utilising a uniquely spirited approach, groups from 8-40 can be accommodated in the “REAL HARD Teams” workshops & process. The initial competitive aspect of the team development process is incrementally tailored towards a team-Tribe /collaborative/ win-win approach – with teams/Tribes finally ending up with an enlightening and engaging company or department Rules of Engagement, Destiny, Cause and Calling and Stop… Start… Continue agreements.

Extensive pre-event research & discovery enables the “REAL HARD Teams” coaches to understand, and continuously guide and direct the groups’ and individuals’ actions and energies towards the eventual successful outcome of substantially better synergy, during the appreciative inquiry and TRIBE engagement building process.

Life Masters facilitators adjust the events from basic fun team-building activities, right across the spectrum to high impact, full transformational team development, “Corporate Soul Surgery”.

In a “REAL HARD Teams“ events, lasting anywhere from 1 day to 5 days, teams are put through their paces on a head, heart and Soul level. As they compete, connect and collaborate towards building the ideal organisational culture and departmental / corporate “Destiny”. Teams encounter the full range of experiences, from playful fun to full-contact high-performance pressures and MindShifting Action-Learning insights.

The significant advantage that Life Masters and Tony Dovale deliver with the “REAL HARD Teams” approach, is ongoing coaching support to sustain the shifts achieved during the initial development process. This ensures optimum retention and application of insights, commitments and agreements.

Today, companies want maximum bang-for-their-Training buck. Building a “REAL HARD Team” is an authentic and powerful team development approach that focuses on strengths, delivers true trust, connection and support, engagement, commitment, compassion and collaboration, unlike the usual short lived group-entertainment style team building games activities.

“ At the conclusion of the first phase, REAL HARD Teams, clients teams truly begin to appreciate that they are all really part of ONE team and that REAL leadership and not Greedership is required to grow Engagement, transform customer service and build a brighter happier, healthier tomorrow for all.” says Dovale.

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